Supplied rails

In total, the project includes the supply of:

  • 77 400 metres of rail from Królewska and Dąbrowa in Poland, representing 3823 tonnes, and
  • 23 500 metres of grooved rails from Rodange, representing 1400 tonnes.

These quantities also include the supply of curved rails necessary for making the bends during the laying of the tram tracks in the city. These curved rails were made in the new finishing centre that has been in the Rodange plant since the beginning of 2020.

ArcelorMittal rails in ambitious Finnish tram project

The 25 km Jokeri Light Rail tram line, including 16 km in Helsinki and the remaining 9 km in Espoo, will replace the current main bus line 550, which is the busiest in the region. Around 91 000 passengers are expected to use the Jokeri tram on weekdays by 2030. The budget for the 25 km line is 386 million euros. The line will have a total of 33 stations and will open in June 2024.

A complex project

The complexity of this project requires the imperative respect of deadlines and delivery timing, requirements to which the ArcelorMittal plants have been able to respond to by being efficient in terms of manufacturing times and deliveries. Each week, an area of the city is neutralised and reserved for the laying of the rails. The stakes are high as each delay can cause many difficulties in setting up the project which currently employs more than 700 workers.

ArcelorMittal Luxembourg, Constructalia