Key features

The Rail Tool App allows rail key players to obtain interactive information regarding standards and profiles for different rail product typology, calculate rail length or tonnage for different types of railway projects (rail calculator available online and offline), and download the dimensional profile drawing.

Download the app version:

Improved ArcelorMittal Rail Tool App with new functionalities

ArcelorMittal Rails & Special Sections has released a new version of the successful Rail Tool App – version 1.2.0.

New features

ArcelorMittal, following the constant evolution of the rail sector and wanting to provide better service to railway players, has included new features that will allow (in addition to category search) searching by profile name and profile dimensions, plus the possibility to compare several profiles.

In addition, the tool is more intuitive and allows for the visualisation of different dimensions over the required profile.

ArcelorMittal Rails & Special Sections