Facetted cladding with Granite® Silky Shine

The exterior of the Royal Dutch Mint building resembles a safe with almost no visible opening. The unique design was inspired by the relief particular to the euro coins minted in the Netherlands. The cladding of this golden facade is made up of profiled and prepainted steel sheets (Isis 55-120/7 triangular profiles fabricated by ArcelorMittal Construction using prepainted Granite® Silky Shine Gold 50µm steel from ArcelorMittal Europe – Flat Products) which have been placed in different directions with the vertical and horizontal layers coming together to form the facetted facade. The Granite® Silky Shine facade is attached to the concrete building using a substructure made with Magnelis®, also from ArcelorMittal Europe – Flat Products.

Royal Dutch Mint building makes MIPIM Awards shortlist

Also known as the Dutch Vault, the Royal Dutch Mint in Houten in the Netherlands is one of four buildings shortlisted in the Best Industrial & Logistics Development category for the 2021 MIPIM Awards. The exquisite facade for this iconic building displays high-gloss Granite® Silky Shine from ArcelorMittal Europe – Flat Products.

MIPIM Awards: an internationally-renowned real estate competition

Since 1991, the MIPIM Awards have been honouring the most formidable and impressive projects in the world of real estate. The 2021 judges have shortlisted 50 finalists representing outstanding projects in 12 categories. It is now over to the MIPIM delegates to finalise the winning projects in each category. The winners will be selected with delegates’ votes carrying equal weight with the jury’s votes and will be announced at the MIPIM Awards ceremony on Wednesday 8 September, 2021.


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