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SiloMasters manufactures and supplies storage solutions for the agricultural, biomass, malting, feed mills, and cereals trading and milling sectors.  Its grain storage systems combine the latest technical advances in 3D design, finite element analysis, and structural calculations.

The state-of-the-art SiloMasters factory in Borja, Zaragoza, Spain exports 95% of its products around the world, giving the engineers at SiloMasters a detailed understanding of the regulatory environments across five continents.

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SiloMasters’ grain silos incorporate Magnelis® from ArcelorMittal

Innovation in grain silo design: SiloMasters, renowned maker of agricultural storage solutions, has introduced Magnelis®, a high protection coated steel, into its grain silo range.

Lower weight thanks to high strength steels

High-strength, high performance galvanised steel up to S450GD has always been a prerequisite for SiloMasters’ flat bottom and hopper silos. This steel, which has a high elastic limit, allows the manufacturer to reduce the weight of its silo products and accessories, which is advantageous for the logistics, assembly, and handling of components - and which also extends the life of the products. Magnelis® is the natural next innovative step in performance for SiloMasters.

Magnelis® extends the silos' lifetime...

Introducing the Magnelis® ZM430 coating into its silo range has provided SiloMasters with the additional advantage of outstanding corrosion resistance, a self-healing effect ensuring excellent edge protection, and up to 25-year guarantees. The corrosion resistance of Magnelis® is three times better than galvanised steel, measured using outdoor tests.

Miguel-Angel Barrio, SiloMasters’ CEO, comments: “Extending the lifetime of our silos, especially in harsh environments like ports, was our major objective. With Magnelis® ZM430 replacing HDG600 (Z600), together with the services of ArcelorMittal Distribución Iberia and strong technical support of ArcelorMittal Europe – Flat Products, we have a very powerful and convincing offer for our customers”.

... and ensures innovation and the highest quality

The Magnelis® coating layer is unique in that the molten bath includes zinc, 3.5% aluminium, and 3% magnesium. This compact layer acts as a barrier to corrosion, preventing the underlying steel from coming into contact with the ambient environment and giving the coating its excellent protection characteristics, even in deformed areas.

Quality is fundamental to SiloMasters’ vision to be the leading supplier of agricultural silos. Incorporating the Magnelis® metallic coating into its products will help ensure that this company can continue to innovate, offering the highest quality to its customers.

“ArcelorMittal’s accelerated tests and long exposure in real farm context have demonstrated the outstanding corrosion performance of Magnelis® for farms,” adds Miguel-Angel Barrio. “The product also meets the requirements of EC Regulation 1935/2004, so it is food safe,” he adds. “We are proud to make use of this innovative new material in our products.”

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Didier Bridoux

About Magnelis® for agriculture

Due to the hostile environment in which it operates, agricultural equipment and infrastructure is particularly subject to corrosion from several sources. These include moisture and harsh weather, farm animals, manure, fertilisers, and corrosive farming products of all kinds. This challenging environment is ideally suited to the application of the Magnelis® steel coating with its outstanding corrosion resistance. In addition, a high surface hardness makes Magnelis® scratch resistant, protecting it from animal scratches and the abrasive effect of grain on the coating.