XCarb® green steel certificates: benefitting the end user

The successful transformation of the steel industry includes zero-emissions steel products being accepted by the end user – and green steel certificates are an important part of this mission.

ArcelorMittal’s partners are key

From ArcelorMittal's point of view, the companies making steel products for end consumers play a central role in reaching this goal. “In the case of ArcelorMittal’s XCarb® green steel certificates, our customers who purchase the certificates can pass the CO2 savings onto their end customer, in line with the Scope 3 accounting approach,” says Jochen Grünewald, Managing Director of ArcelorMittal Commercial DACH.

Bette, a manufacturer of high-quality bathroom elements made of enamelled titanium alloy steel, and OLINT®, a producer of roofing applications under its Rufster brand, are just two of the many ArcelorMittal partners making valuable use of the XCarb® green steel certificates from ArcelorMittal Europe – Flat Products.

Bette makes first XCarb® green steel certificates purchase

The managing director of sanitary supplier Bette, Thilo C. Pahl, is on board with ArcelorMittal’s goals: “We have ordered the first 1000 tons of steel based on XCarb® green steel certificates for our products and see this as a contribution to support ArcelorMittal in the required transformation. In addition, steel produced with a lower carbon footprint fits very well into our own sustainability strategy.”

The shift towards CO2-neutral products is already evident to Bette: "We are currently noticing an increasing interest and demand for green products and our efforts and ambitions in the area of sustainable resource management,” says Thilo C. Pahl.

OLINT® inspires customers to think green with XCarb®

Producing and selling roofing tiles, guttering, and other accessories typically made from organic coated Granite® Quartz and Granite® Ultramat from ArcelorMittal under the Rufster brand, OLINT® passes on the reduction of Scope 3 emissions to their customers.

Their goal is to inspire clients to make environmentally friendly purchasing decisions when buying roofing products. “We want to actively involve customers in an effort to reduce CO2 emissions across the industry,” says Liviu Cusiac, CEO of OLINT®, who have recently purchased XCarb® green steel certificates for 195 tonnes of Granite® pre-painted steel. “Normally this amount of steel would result in just over 400 tonnes of CO2 emissions. All [customers] need to do is place an order for Rufster products made with XCarb® green steel certificates! It’s that simple,” notes Liviu Cusiac.

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