About Metrovalencia

Valencia is the third city in Spain to have an underground metro network, with Metrovalencia inaugurated in October 1988. The new Line 10 allows the inhabitants of the Nazareth district to reach the centre of Valencia thanks to two additional kilometres of track with eight new stops.

ArcelorMittal rails: from Luxembourg to Metrovalencia

Thanks to their high performance and low carbon content, ArcelorMittal Rodange's grooved rails headlined the Iberian market (and others too) in 2021!

Rails with lower carbon content and better performance

ArcelorMittal's mill in Rodange (Luxembourg) specialises in the production of rails. In 2021, it supplied 8000 metres of grooved rails (60R1) for Metrovalencia's new Line 10, an extension of Valencia's underground network that connects the suburbs with the centre of the Spanish coastal city.

The full 8000 metres of rails were made from Low Carbon R290V steel, a grade that stands for less carbon content with better performance, including easy maintenance, welding, and repair welding that increases the service life of embedded rails. Thanks to these characteristics, the rails of the Metrovalencia will have a more sustainable use.

Juan José Gainza, Product development manager at ArcelorMittal Rails & Special sections, is proud of the advantages of this steel: "At ArcelorMittal, we are convinced the use of R290V steel grade on embedded tracks will bring added benefits to our customers, allowing for gauge corner restoration, increased wear resistance, and easier overall maintenance of the rails."

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