This is just the beginning

Topics such as sustainable construction with steel, energy efficiency, or the circular economy were not of great importance all those years ago when this content was first created. Not only have we updated the content to meet the needs of these now very important topics, but such themes will be the subject of upcoming lectures.

Meet SiCA: Steel in Construction Academy!

We are proud to introduce you to our newest Constructalia feature: SiCA – Steel in Construction Academy. SiCA is a self-learning online platform for those in, or joining, the construction industry focussed on the use of steel as the material of choice for construction applications and required performances.



The story of SiCA

Just before the start of the new millennium, over 200 European steel and steel construction specialists (including ArcelorMittal) sat down together to create ESDEP, the European Steel Design Education Programme, to further the development of steel in construction.

We have taken this valuable content and revised, updated, and enriched it to meet the standards and requirements of 2022 and beyond. Don’t worry, we didn’t forget to comply with the most recent versions of the Eurocodes. The history of steel, construction physics, design, applications, and the properties of steel are just a sprinkling of the topics on offer.