Our ever-expanding list of lectures

Our current list of 60+ steel in construction lectures is just the beginning. We will continue to add more and more lectures, covering topics such as sustainable construction with steel, energy efficiency, and the circular economy to list just a few.

New SiCA: Steel in Construction Academy lectures available!

Two new lectures have just been added to SiCA: Steel in Construction Academy for the design of steel and composite bridges with even more lectures coming soon!

Designing steel and composite bridges

Our two new lectures include 'The design of steel and composite bridges', parts 1 and 2.

Part 1 introduces steel and composite bridges, discusses bridge components and structural systems, and describes the common types of steel bridge - plate girder, box girder, and truss girder bridges.

Part 2 covers footbridges, moving bridges, and service bridges and provides initial guidance in the selection of bridge form and span, including viaducts.



What is SiCA?

SiCA: Steel in Construction Academy is our newest Constructalia feature. SiCA is a self-learning online platform for those in, or joining, the construction industry focussed on the use of steel as the material of choice for construction applications and required performances.