Founded in 1892, SCHRAG began as a small business which produced enamelled, tinned, and galvanised products. Today, the company is led by the fourth generation of the family and manufactures lightweight metal solutions for roofs and facades. The SCHRAG Group employs almost 500 people at 16 locations in Austria, Czechia, Germany, Poland, Slovakia, and Switzerland.

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XCarb® green steel certificates help SCHRAG engage with customers on sustainability

SCHRAG is a leading provider of edge profile solutions for lightweight metal construction. Their high-quality profiles are widely utilised in industrial and commercial construction. In 2021, SCHRAG began to purchase XCarb® green steel certificates with its orders of Magnelis® from ArcelorMittal Europe – Flat Products.

XCarb® green steel certificates as an answer to the growing importance of sustainability in the market

“We became aware of XCarb® green steel certificates during an ArcelorMittal video conference,” says Ingo Kleinau, Hamburg Branch Manager for SCHRAG. “Until now, the topic of sustainability wasn’t a high priority in industrial and commercial construction. But we have seen a change of consciousness in the market, and two of our customers have recently requested more information about ArcelorMittal’s XCarb® initiative.”

Sustainability plays an important role at SCHRAG. The company is particularly concerned with the process of social change towards the efficient and sustainable management of resources. “If you want to do business in a future-oriented way, you must ask yourself how sustainable prosperity works, and how can it be achieved,” says Ingo Kleinau. “For SCHRAG, this means setting an example when it comes to resource conservation. As steel is the basis of 99 percent of our products, it is appropriate that we support sustainable (and preferably CO2-neutral) production.”

Problem solving means offering solutions

Openness and fostering a culture of knowledge are very important at SCHRAG. That openness is one of the reasons the company will make XCarb® green steel certificates available to its customers. Ingo Kleinau explains: “SCHRAG Group always tries to see itself as a problem solver for our customers. We want to be one step ahead of the market so that we can inform our customers about developments at an early stage and offer solutions. With this knowledge, each customer can decide for themselves what advantages the XCarb® green steel certificates bring to their operations.”

SCHRAG will also promote the certificates in its own marketing materials. “In this way we will make it clear to the outside world what SCHRAG is working on, and where we place value and focus,” says Ingo Kleinau.

Working with a global steel manufacturer like ArcelorMittal offers SCHRAG both a supplier and a partner, notes Ingo Kleinau: “It is an advantage to have a supplier who also attaches importance to the further development of steel production and the use of sustainable technology. ArcelorMittal’s experience and global know-how ultimately also enriches the level of knowledge at SCHRAG.”

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