About the Polish Green Building Council (PLGBC)

The Polish Green Building Council (PLGBC) is a non-governmental organisation. Since 2008, it has been working towards the transformation of buildings, cities, and their surroundings in such a way that they are planned, designed, constructed, used, modernised, demolished, and processed as sustainably as possible.

The organisation supports the creation of sustainable buildings for all by:

  • working to halt climate change and adapt to new conditions
  • applying the principles of circular economy
  • bettering the well-being, quality of life, and health of society
  • enhancing biodiversity

The Polish Green Building Council is part of a global community of more than 70 green building organisations brought together under the World Green Building Council.

PLGBC Green Building Summit: XCarb® low-carbon steel wins ‘Sustainable product of the year’

The 12th edition of the Polish Green Building Council (PLGBC) Green Building Summit took place in Warsaw from 6-7 October 2022 with ArcelorMittal Steligence® as a partner of the event.

ArcelorMittal was awarded ‘Sustainable product of the year’ for its XCarb® recycled and renewably produced low-carbon steel.

The PLGBC Green Building Summit – a symbol of green progress – is a conference for the Polish real estate, construction, and architecture industries. The theme of this year’s event was 'Time to (re)think'.

This cyclical event is dedicated to everyone interested in climate issues, sustainable construction, and sustainable development goals (SDGs), including: investors, developers, tenants, architects, designers, engineers, manufacturers, financial institutions, local governments, top management, municipal activists, NGOs, students, university professors, and the media.


Published: 21 October 2022

Event overview & the decarbonisation of construction

This international event was held in a hybrid format. The programme included talks, panels, and presentations. This year, there were two days of activities: the first was a day-long conference, culminating in the presentation of the PLGBC Green Building Awards. The second day was dedicated to the decarbonisation of construction as part of the #BuildingLife project.

ArcelorMittal won the PLGBC Green Building Award for its recently launched XCarb® recycled and renewably produced low-carbon steel in the ‘Sustainable product of the year’ category.

On the second day, dedicated to the decarbonisation of construction, Maciej Chrzanowski (PhD Eng), Steligence® structural engineer in Poland, gave a presentation on 'The role of materials in reducing a building's carbon footprint'.

Steel as we know it is undergoing a major transformation. Modern, sustainable construction requires building products and materials to have a minimal or zero embedded carbon footprint.

ArcelorMittal has shown that steel can be produced responsibly, respecting both human rights and the environment. The steel solutions are lightweight, strong, and highly reliable, but they are also circular and environmentally friendly. ArcelorMittal is not only a leader in the production of steel products, but also in innovation.

The use of low-carbon steel alone has a definite positive impact on reducing the embedded carbon footprint of planned buildings, but the key is to take the right approach to the building under consideration and to its design by optimising solutions, especially in terms of the embedded carbon footprint. As such, preceding the low-carbon steel itself, ArcelorMittal has introduced Steligence® to the construction market.

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Polish Green Building Council (PLGBC)