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As one of the largest mill-independent steel service centres in Europe, EMW supplies coils, slit strip, blanks, and circular blanks to the steel processing industry. Divided between the two sites in Neunkirchen (North Rhine-Westphalia) and Treuen (Saxony), EMW constantly stocks over 220 000 tonnes of thin sheet. Almost all marketable qualities are therefore available: standard and special grades, mainly hot-dip and electrolytically galvanised, cold-rolled, hot-rolled, and hot-dip aluminised. On six slitting lines, three multi-blanking lines, two cut-to-length lines, and one cut-to-length line, EMW processes sheets in the thickness range from 0.4 to 6 mm with coil weights of up to 32 tonnes. A comprehensive package of automotive and industrial grades, high-strength steels, and enamelling grades, as well as a high-performance organisation for transport logistics, are among the company's particular specialities. EMW's quality guarantee, process reliability, and environmental protection are ensured by certifications in accordance with DIN ISO 9001:2008, IATF 16949:2016, and ISO 14001:2004. EMW is a division of the internationally successful SCHÄFER WERKE group of companies based in Neunkirchen.

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Low carbon emissions steel: EMW and ArcelorMittal begin cooperation

EMW Stahl Service GmbH and ArcelorMittal are joining forces on the road to decarbonisation. The world's leading steel manufacturer will supply the steel service centre in Neunkirchen, Germany with low CO2 emissions steel as well as certificates for CO2 savings starting in 2023. EMW aims to be climate-neutral by 2030 for scope 1 and 2. In Europe, ArcelorMittal aims to reduce CO2 emissions by 35 percent by 2030, and globally the group wants to achieve net zero by 2050.


Published: 24 January 2023

XCarb® recycled and renewably produced steels

As part of their climate strategies, the two companies are expanding their partnership in 2023. EMW will receive XCarb® steel with a low carbon content from ArcelorMittal Commercial Germany. The XCarb® recycled and renewably produced steels are produced on the basis of scrap (70%) and renewable electricity (100%). The reduced carbon footprint is confirmed with an official Environmental Product Declaration (EPD). CO2 emissions per tonne of steel product are at 797 kg now, which is just around a third compared with the same steel product produced conventionally in a blast furnace (2.57 t CO2/t of steel). ArcelorMittal is offering EMW the XCarb® steel in the required quantities and is also providing technical support. EMW, in turn, will pass on the steel with production-related CO2 savings to its customers and end consumers.

"Our own ambitious goal is climate neutrality by 2030, and we have already launched numerous projects and activities in our organisation to achieve this. Equally important in this context, however, are the agreements with our long-standing partners such as ArcelorMittal on the purchase of low-CO2 steels in order to be able to cover the entire scope”, says EMW Managing Director Michael Mockenhaupt.

XCarb® green steel certificates

In addition to physically supplied steel, EMW will continue to purchase steel with XCarb® green steel certificates from ArcelorMittal, thus verifiably documenting CO2 reductions. The CO2 reduction in these certificates amounts to 2.11 t CO2/t steel and originates from breakthrough projects at blast furnaces. The CO2 savings are mass balanced on a central account and independently verified.

"We are pleased about the agreement with EMW and generally see an increased interest from our customers for climate-friendly products. Thanks to the XCarb® green steel certificates, customers who purchase our certificates can directly incorporate the CO2 savings into their Scope 3 and thus also achieve their sustainability goals," explains Jochen Grünewald, Managing Director of ArcelorMittal Commercial Germany.

EMW is a steel service centre within the globally operating Schaefer Group and supplies coils, slit strip, blanks, and circular blanks to the steel processing industry. The Siegerland-region-based company already provides an extensive range of CO2-reduced steels.

For its customers in the processing industry, EMW purchases, among other products, Magnelis® flat steels from ArcelorMittal, which are particularly resistant to corrosion and versatile when coated on both sides.

XCarb® towards carbon neutral steel

XCarb® is a trademark registered by ArcelorMittal that represents the clear path taken by the company towards the decarbonisation of the steel production process and the ambitious goal of zero emissions by 2050.

XCarb® will ultimately bring together all of ArcelorMittal’s reduced, low, and zero-carbon products and steelmaking activities, as well as wider initiatives and green innovation projects, into a single effort focussed on achieving demonstrable progress towards carbon neutral steel.

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