SiCA: Steel in Construction Academy

SiCA is a self-learning online platform for those in, or joining, the construction industry focussed on the use of steel as the material of choice for construction applications and required performances.

Sustainable and circular construction, composite construction, steel performances, construction physics, applied stability, steel grades and qualities, and mechanical properties are just some of the topics covered in SiCA.

New lectures are being added regularly, and we will keep you updated!

New SiCA lecture: Corrosion protection of bridges

The newest lecture in our SiCA: Steel in Construction Academy examines the corrosion protection of steel components in bridges for the design engineer.


Published: 21 March 2023

Ensuring a sufficient service life

Bridges are generally built for a long service life - of over 100 years. They are subjected to wear arising from their use and the environment such as loads, wind, accidental damage, rain, de-icing salts, sun, etc. To ensure a sufficient service life, the right degree of protection against corrosion is required.

Several parameters influence the choice of a protective method: the required lifetime, the environment, design, and economic considerations. Learn more in our newest SiCA lecture.


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