Available for the whole Granite® range

The choice of coating for roofs and cladding depends on the external environment and the life expectancy.

For industrial or logistical buildings, a 10 to 20-year guarantee is often enough, but much more is expected for public and residential buildings, and in severe environments. To meet all of these requirements, ArcelorMittal has developed Granite® HDXtreme. Its multi-layer coating system is the universal answer to corrosive environments.

The guarantee is available for the whole Granite® range.

For further information, please refer to our guarantee text available on request or in SteelUser. For other areas or specific environments, we will be more than happy to consider your request. If you are in any doubt about which product to use for a particular application, we recommend that you take a look at Steel Advisor.

Build to last with Granite® organic coated steels

Prepainted steel has been used for more than 50 years in Europe, so ArcelorMittal has had the opportunity to analyse in depth how its products actually behave in situ in different areas. Today, we are in a perfect position to assess the effects of time on our prepainted steel. Our integrated production process (from the hot strip mill through to coil coating) ensures full traceability and a high level of quality.

The latest innovation in coating systems not only increases the lifetime of construction products, but also reduces their environmental impact. Granite® has become a guarantee of quality, durability and sustainability. Architects and project designers, developers and contractors, and even insurance companies can be sure of specifying the right product for their projects, with a full guarantee up to 40 years.


Published: 4 April 2023

Automatic guarantee: As soon as you buy Granite®, you are covered!

Non-perforation and paint adhesion are the main features to be guaranteed. But for many projects, stability of colour over time is essential to ensure that architectural buildings continue to look attractive and commercial buildings maintain their brand image. This is why ArcelorMittal includes all of these aspects in its guarantee.

The following table provides you with the basic details of our automatic guarantee. The full document is available on request.

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Everywhere in Europe

Our automatic guarantees are offered in all countries in Europe, as shown below. Guarantees may also be granted for other geographical zones – do not hesitate to contact ArcelorMittal.