SiCA: Steel in Construction Academy

SiCA is a self-learning online platform for those in, or joining, the construction industry focussed on the use of steel as the material of choice for construction applications and required performances.

Sustainable and circular construction, composite construction, steel performances, construction physics, applied stability, steel grades and qualities, and mechanical properties are just some of the topics covered in SiCA.

New lectures are being added regularly, and we will keep you updated!

New SiCA lecture: Practical ways of achieving fire resistance of steel structures

The mechanical properties of all common building materials decrease with a high elevation of temperature. Steel structural elements should possess appropriate fire resistance to resist the risk of partial or total collapse, flame penetration, or excessive temperature rise on the unexposed faces.

In our latest SiCA: Steel in Construction Academy lecture, the inherent fire resistance of unprotected steelwork is introduced and the influence of a variety of insulating systems - of partial member exposure and of composite action - is discussed.


Published: 12 October 2023