Advance Bridge Expert software update available

ArcelorMittal has released an updated and debugged version of its Advance Bridge Expert software, a pre-design tool for composite bridges with hot rolled sections. The software was developed by Graitec with support from ArcelorMittal.


Published: 23 November 2023

Advance Bridge Expert is dedicated to the pre-design of straight, skewed, and/or curved bridges for roads, railways, and pedestrians according to EN Eurocodes. Superstructures can be designed as filler beam, composite, or PreCoBeam construction. For railway bridges, the software allows for the dynamic pre-design of high-speed trains according to EN 1991-2.

We invite you to visit our Software page to download Advance Bridge Expert version 2024.

Click here to explore the Advance Bridge Expert tutorial videos!

Within the 15-day trial version of Advance Bridge Expert, limited to the use of economic rolled sections, you can request a full, free-of-charge licence for this software.