Polish company AGS designs and manufactures innovative and unique fastening systems for ventilated facades. Their solutions are distinguished by durability and, above all, safety, which is confirmed by numerous certificates and tests that have been carried out by leading research organisations. The AGS team consists of experienced specialists focused on continuous development and implementation of innovative research and development projects.

Company strengths

An innovative and optimised production process

AGS offers the most competitive prices for their fastening systems. The dynamic development of the company as well as the constant expansion and improvement of their range of products has contributed to AGS obtaining the right to protect their intellectual property.

Custom-made production of all facade elements

Automation of the production process ensures order fulfilment in a short period of time, while at the same time allowing for the execution of special projects tailored to customers’ requirements. This provides customers with cost optimisation by as much as 20-30%. AGS customers can also count on ample support from the very beginning of a project. Upon receiving a customer inquiry, the AGS technical team presents the most optimal solution, taking into account legal, technical, and material requirements.

Independence from external contractors

AGS has their own production factory, consisting of five specialised numerically controlled lines that ensure precise management of the production process and guarantee the highest quality of the manufactured product.

Competitive prices

Thanks to close cooperation with Energy5 and the implementation of a common purchasing policy, AGS is able procure the best raw material prices.

Mounting systems for ventilated facades

AGS offers complete fastening systems for ventilated facades, dedicated to all types of external facade cladding.

The selection of the facade fastening system depends on the type of material the walls are made of, the type and thickness of the insulation, the type of cladding, the cladding fastening, and the wind and corrosion zone in which a project is located.

In the case of standard systems, the AGS substructures consist of brackets and a grid that allows for adjustment at profile connections. This results in quick and easy assembly even on uneven building surfaces. In the case of structures for clinker facades and heavy concrete cladding, AGS systems consist of stainless steel or steel brackets covered with ArcelorMittal’s Magnelis® coating and include all types of accessories necessary for the assembly of the facade.

AGS offers brackets made of S320 GD black steel, covered with Magnelis® coating, available in overhangs from 120 mm to 290 mm and in widths of 70, 100, 130, 160, and 190 mm. AGS also produces brackets of non-standard dimensions, adapted to a specific project and customer requirements. The grid elements of the substructure are made of extruded aluminium alloy EN AW 6063 / EN AW 6060 / EN AW 6005 or of profiled elements made of S320 GD black steel, covered with Magnelis® coating.

Durable solutions confirmed by testing

The company's flagship product is support brackets with a distinctive shape made from S320 GD black steel and coated with Magnelis®. Solutions made with the use of this innovative metallic coating guarantee protection in even the most aggressive environmental conditions. Research carried out in salt chambers by the Building Research Institute has confirmed the highest corrosion class (C5) for the AGS substructure of a ventilated facade.

AGS is the only company on the Polish market that offers brackets with embossing (increasing the load capacity of the section by several dozen percent) and with holes that effectively reduce the thermal conductivity of the entire connector.

All fixing systems meet fire protection requirements and durability standards in addition to taking into account the corrosive category of the environment and the guidelines for technical conditions to be met by buildings and their location in terms of thermal insulation of walls and thermal bridges.

The company's product line consists of facade cladding, fasteners, and accessories.

Video: AGS Rainscreen Cladding fire test