Blachdom Plus

Blachdom Plus, founded in 2001 in Rybarzowice, Poland, is a producer of coated sheet products for roofing and facades. In 2018, they tested the new Granite® Ultramat from ArcelorMittal Europe – Flat Products, but this was not the first time the company had run real-life production tests on new products from ArcelorMittal. For Blachdom Plus, trials such as this give them early access to solutions that will be attractive to their customers and a competitive advantage when it comes to understanding the technical performance of the material.

Granite® finishes

Blachdom Plus currently offers six Granite® finishes including Ultramat, Deep Mat, HDX, Quartz, Standard, and Storm. Matt coatings are very popular with Blachdom Plus customers, and it is the variety of solutions that makes the Granite® range so interesting for the company as Dariusz Ceglarz, Commercial Director, explains: “Each of the products that ArcelorMittal provides for us is characterised by a different surface appearance: glossy, matt, mineral… And each has different technical parameters such as coating thickness or type. That gives us solutions for specific parts of the building’s exterior.”

Modernisation, expansion, and cooperation

Blachdom Plus base their activity on the latest generation of machinery, which is constantly modernised and adapted to current market trends. In addition, direct cooperation with leading manufacturers, like ArcelorMittal, ensures Blachdom Plus has early access to the highest quality of materials.

Their modern production plant has been operating since 2006 in Rybarzowice, where tile sheets, roofing panels, and
trapezoidal sheets are currently being manufactured. In 2008, Blachdom Plus began manufacturing some of their products at a second plant in Wrocław, Poland.

At the beginning of 2012, they launched a large warehouse of ceramic tiles in Bielany Wrocławskie, Poland in an expanded and modernised warehouse, where over 1000 pallets with various tile models are available for continuous sale. 2012 also saw the start of their Slovak company, while they extended operations to the Czech Republic in 2015.

Cooperation: visual and production testing

A few years ago, Blachdom Plus tested Granite® Quartz, which is now part of their regular offer. With the launch of the new Granite® Ultramat, Blachdom Plus were quick to carry out their first tests in late 2018. A test coil was produced at ArcelorMittal Eisenhüttenstadt, Germany and shipped to Poland. Piotr Szafarczyk, the ArcelorMittal client technical support manager for Blachdom Plus, travelled to the customer to observe the trial.

“After unpacking, the first step was visual and comparative assessment against a sample of Granite® Deep Mat we had in stock,” says Dariusz Ceglarz. “The Granite® Ultramat coils were then processed into four of our roofing tile products: Amalfi, Beskid, Bona, and Perła. These particular sheet tiles have two of the most demanding processing steps: profiling on rolls and drawing.”

Blachdom Plus also carried out bending tests on equipment used to produce flashings and on production lines for trapezoidal sheets and ridge tiles for roofing applications.

The first results were promising says Dariusz Ceglarz: “The visual test showed that Granite® Ultramat is characterised by a large grain. The coating is rough and expressive to the touch, which translates into a good, homogenous, visual aspect. The production line tests also passed without problems. Granite® Ultramat maintained its continuity and adhesion throughout.”

Samples of the material Blachdom Plus processed were sent to the ArcelorMittal Global R&D team so several scientific tests could be performed.

This mutually beneficial cooperation between Blachdom Plus and ArcelorMittal is set to continue.