Blachy Pruszyński

Blachy Pruszyński are one of the leading Polish manufacturers of roofing and facades for the construction market. Founded in 1985, the main activity of the Pruszyński Group has become lightweight steel roofing and facade cladding due to their dynamic development in the Polish and European markets. The Pruszyński Group consists of over 20 entities operating in Poland, the Czech Republic, Romania, Germany, Hungary, Ukraine, Slovakia, and Lithuania.

The company's successes include a steady increase in sales and, above all, the industry’s recognition of the Blachy Pruszyński brand on the steel roofing market in Poland. The range offered by the company is extremely diverse: from the simplest flat coated, galvanised roofing sheets, to corrugated roofing sheets, trapezoidal sheets, and supplementary roofing systems (gutter systems and accessories), in addition to facade materials such as cold rolled profiles, cassettes, facade panels, and wall panels. Thanks to a state-of-the-art production plant, the company also offers the fabrication of custom products for individual orders.

A market leader

Blachy Pruszyński are a materials supplier for some of the largest and most prestigious construction projects in Poland and abroad. Their position as a leader in the Polish steel roofing market is evident thanks to their substantial market share on the Polish market as well as the many prominent prizes and awards that they have won in Poland and abroad.

Some of these recognitions include: the Teraz Polska promotional emblem, a Gold Medal at the BUDMA International Construction and Architecture Fair, a BCC European Medal, Top Builder awards, and the title of Construction Brand of the Year from ASM Market Research and Analysis Centre. These are a testament to the high quality of their products – as is the satisfaction of their growing number of customers.

Engineering the future together: Blachy Pruszyński creates innovative building solutions using ArcelorMittal's Granite® coatings

Blachy Pruszyński are one of ArcelorMittal's most active partners in the development of organic coated products that are used mainly for roofing. Particularly noteworthy is the close cooperation between ArcelorMittal's technical and development offices and Blachy Pruszyński’s product and quality development and production departments. This collaboration takes place during both the design stage and production tests. The result? Innovative products recognised by numerous industry awards.

One joint project had its start in 2011 when ArcelorMittal and Pruszyński began work on the breakthrough product Granite® Storm - a full polyurethane coating with a matt surface finish. In 2014, when the design and research stage of this project was not yet completed, the idea for another innovative venture was born – this time for a hybrid coating. Currently, ArcelorMittal and Blachy Pruszyński are in the last phase of development for this product, and we are already thinking about the future!

Blachy Pruszyński: a partner in ArcelorMittal's Roofing configurator design tool

Blachy Pruszyński have also partnered with ArcelorMittal on our new innovative design tool. Our Roofing configurator not only allows you to select the profile and colour of a roof for a specific project, but it also allows you to transform the roof of an existing structure and even determine a roof’s surface area.

An extensive range of products

Blachy Pruszyński are honoured to cooperate with the largest investors and contractors in Poland.

A sampling of projects that they have been a part of include: the Toyota and Volkswagen factories in Poland; the Hyundai factory in the Czech Republic; Warsaw’s new Chopin Airport and Modlin Airport; hypermarkets such as Leroy Merlin, Auchan, and Decathlon; and numerous shopping centres in Poland.