Budmat is a leading Polish manufacturer of roofing materials with nearly 30 years of experience and products available throughout Europe. The entire company revolves around roofs. Budmat seeks new technologies to give their clients the best quality solutions, and the goal that is guiding the company for the coming years is a REVOLUTION ON THE ROOF.

High quality ensured by a written guarantee of up to 30 years

Thanks to modern technology and production in addition to technical certifications, customers purchasing Budmat’s products with D-Matt coatings receive a written warranty of up to 30 years. This offer also includes Polyester gloss, Polyester matt coarse, and other coatings in a wide range of colours.

Budmat’s quality roofs have been awarded certification by the Underwriter Laboratories (UL) - the largest independent research centre in the world, whose goal is to raise the level of working conditions in regards to health and safety.

Award-winning, innovative, and patented products with ArcelorMittal steel

An effect of the many years of cooperation between Budmat and ArcelorMittal has been the creation of numerous innovative solutions that have set new trends in the development of roofing. One example is a system of modular flashings, including the MOD System and the GS-LUX ridge cap. A roof finished with these elements is both attractive and aesthetic.

The unique character and aesthetics of the products are created by patented solutions: factory prepared holes and mounting cups, eave vent profiles, and all of the elements of the MOD System.

Their modular flashings are delivered to the construction site as a finished product, so the contractor does not have to spend any time bending and cutting - as is the case with traditional finishings. These product innovations and technical qualities have been repeatedly recognised and awarded Gold Medals at the Budma International Construction and Architecture Fair in 2001, 2010, 2014, 2016, 2017, 2019, and a double medal in 2020.

Budmat’s REVOLUTION ON THE ROOF means a modular roof - a beautiful, aesthetic, colour-consistent roof that is both durable and reliable.