BUDUJ ZE STALI - ArcelorMittal's partner in the promotion of steel in Poland

The BUDUJ ZE STALI (Build With Steel) programme was created in cooperation with the largest steel companies in Poland and is a response to their expectations regarding increasing the use of steel in construction.

The BUDUJ ZE STALI initiative is aimed at students and graduates of technical universities, designers, architects, as well as investors and general contractors - essentially, to every person involved in the investment process.

The main objectives of the programme are:

  • Promotion of steel construction as an alternative to solutions based solely on concrete
  • Dissemination of practical knowledge on the use of steel in construction
  • Popularisation of steel-based architecture through information, promotion, educational activities, and exchange of information
  • Implementation and sharing of new technologies and steel-based construction solutions as well as all other activities promoting steel construction
  • Influencing legal regulations in favour of the use of steel in construction

ArcelorMittal and the BUDUJ ZE STALI programme

Intense competition with all competing materials producers must convince companies in the steel construction sector to more actively promote the strengths of their products and solutions.

The purpose of such activities is to increase the share of steel structures, primarily in planned investments in the implementation of EU programmes in government energy projects, local government investments, municipal investments, and private projects.

ArcelorMittal recognises these needs and from the very beginning has actively supported the activities of the BUDUJ ZE STALI programme. As one of the programme's partners, ArcelorMittal actively participates in various forms of the programme.

Training trips

BUDUJ ZE STALI also organises training trips for students. They participate in trips to plants manufacturing steel constructions, facades, or roofing. So far, the following locations have been visited:  METALBARK Sp. z o.o., MOSTOSTAL SIEDLCE Sp. z o.o., MOSTOSTAL WECHTA Sp.z o.o., PRUSZYŃSKI Sp.z o.o,. and the ArcelorMittal Poland steel mill in Katowice.

During these trips, students have the opportunity to learn in practice how large production plants operate.

All companies operating in the steel construction market are invited to cooperate as part of the BUDUJ ZE STALI programme: steel suppliers, steel structure manufacturers, design companies, and entities providing software and machinery for industry.

As part of the programme, seminars, workshops, and conferences are organised on the premises of the most interesting steel constructions and steel structure factories.

Steel Day

Held annually, Steel Day is the largest steel industry event in Poland. The first edition of Steel Day took place in 2018, and it was a great success. Over 130 participants from very diverse branches of the construction industry took part in this event. In addition to architects and designers, the conference was attended by representatives of steel structure factories, representatives of institutes and industry associations, as well as lecturers and students of technical universities.

As part of the 2nd Steel Day, there will be speeches from industry specialists and authorities - valued representatives of the largest manufacturing, galvanising, architectural, and design companies, as well as industry associations and institutes.


BUDUJ ZE STALI seminars take place at the largest trade fair events in Poland, such as BUDMA and AUTOSTRADA-POLSKA.

The high quality of the seminars is ensured via representatives of leading companies supplying steel, design software and machines for industry, as well as manufacturing and galvanising companies.

Site visits

Site visits are organised so that participants have the opportunity to learn about outstanding steel objects from behind the scenes.

As part of a series of meetings taking place at the most interesting steel buildings, participants have had the opportunity to visit: the new Łódź Fabryczna railway station in Poland, the Warsaw Spire (the highest office building in Poland), the PGE National Stadium in Warsaw, or the revitalised Hotel Warsaw.

Workshops at technical universities

BUDUJ ZE STALI organises classes at technical universities devoted to the design and construction of steel objects. So far, these classes have been organised at the Warsaw, Białystok, Częstochowa, Opole, and Rzeszów Polytechnics. This cooperation is constantly being expanded and workshops are also taking place, for example, at the Koszalin University of Technology.

At the end of each workshop, all participants receive the appropriate certificates confirming the acquisition of new skills.