The main focus of Czech company CB PROFIL is the production of trapezoidal metal sheets used in a wide variety of constructions - from fences, garage doors, and small shelters all the way up to the largest production facilities and warehouses of Amazon or Jaguar Land Rover. In addition to the construction of new industrial buildings, corrugated metal sheets are perfectly suited for renovation, insulation for older buildings, and demanding operations.

Quality as a top requirement: an excellent base for building cooperation

Quality products are a top requirement for CB PROFIL. The company carefully selects verified materials of the highest quality, cooperating with the technical university in Prague for testing and validation.

This attribute was the starting point for cooperation between CB PROFIL and ArcelorMittal. It began in 2016 and is still going strong, significantly increasing in 2021. CB PROFIL values the quality of ArcelorMittal materials and the flexibility offered in the delivery of particular coils. A recent visit to the ArcelorMittal mill in Kraków has further cemented this cooperation.

CB Profil mainly utilises the Estetic® range of organic coated steels from ArcelorMittal Europe - Flat Products as they meet all of the requirements in terms of aesthetic qualities (appearance and finish) and properties, such as flexibility, surface hardness, coating adhesion, and corrosion resistance.

Products and advantages

CB PROFIL delivers roofing and facade materials to construction projects all around Central Europe. In addition, the company offers edging and supporting profiles as well as roof profiles and sandwich panels. Providing long guarantees, the company’s products include a Z275 coating as a minimum.

A key advantage of CB PROFIL is production flexibility with the ability to deliver 99% of projects within 14 days of an order being placed. Thanks to precision sheet cutting and optimisation, customers are able to significantly reduce their costs. CB PROFIL also supports customers with its knowledge and experience, recommending only the most suitable types of products for roofing and facade applications.

Organic coated steel proves its benefits

Years of cooperation between the two companies have resulted in numerous projects all over Central Europe constructed with CB PROFIL products made with ArcelorMittal steel – a testament to the fact that ArcelorMittal’s wide range of organic coated steels offers a premium solution for each application, building, environment, performance requirement, and aesthetic demand. The map below presents a mere sampling of these many projects.