Energy5 is a leading producer of mounting systems for photovoltaic modules operating in Poland, Hungary, Ukraine, and Lithuania. One of the areas that sets Energy5 apart is the individual selection of structures carried out with the support of qualified engineers. This approach ensures that each structure is optimised for the layout of the photovoltaic modules. Their rich portfolio of completed projects includes over 500 MW of manufactured fastening systems. This and the experience and know-how of their engineers has contributed to the rapid success of Energy5. Their innovation in addition to the use of the most durable raw materials on the market has led to excellent cooperation with customers in Central and Eastern Europe.

The highest safety standards

Energy5 deals with the production of ready-made kits, of which all of the fasteners have been tested in leading research centres. This provides a guarantee of safety and confirms adherence to the highest quality standards.

Cooperation with the Institute of Precision Mechanics and the Building Research Institute has resulted in Energy5 receiving the first National Technical Assessment in Poland. This assessment, together with the National Certificate of Conformity of Factory Production Control, entitles Energy5 to enter the domestic market and to label their products with Poland’s Construction Mark B – the national standard for construction products confirming product compliance with its declared performance.

An extensive range of products

Energy5’s product line includes comprehensive free-standing and roof solutions, as well as systems for parking spaces (AUTOBOX) and facade systems (BIPV). A wide range of products allows for the selection of the most optimal solutions adapted to geotechnical conditions and customer requirements. Energy5 specialises in both micro-installations and photovoltaic power plants, generating impressive energy yields. Their products are complemented by a wide range of consulting and technical services covering all stages of the investment process.

Modern machinery and innovative raw materials

Energy5’s fully automated factory consists of three independent production lines, which provide customers with efficiently executed orders while at the same time giving Energy5 the freedom to take on new challenges. Their production of free-standing systems is based on S320 black steel, which, thanks to ArcelorMittal’s innovative metallic coating Magnelis®, demonstrates excellent anti-corrosion properties - even in aggressive environmental conditions up to corrosion class C5. The coating is much more resistant than those of galvanised products. Its use in construction translates to increased durability for photovoltaic installations.