40 years on and the innovation continues. Apart from building hotel facades, load-bearing structures, or wall supports, did you know that ArcelorMittal steel is also used to manufacture bathtubs, shower trays, and washbasins? For decades, German company KALDEWEI has been relying on ArcelorMittal enamelled steel to produce their high-quality bathroom solutions. Enamelled steel is a traditional material for modern life. Steel contributes to the mechanical strength and formability, while enamel provides durability and a beautiful glossy appearance. Enamelled steel is a material that fully meets modern-day expectations in terms of durability, iconic aesthetics, hygiene, and respect for the environment.

100% made in Germany

KALDEWEI is the only bathroom manufacturer to produce their enamel themselves in their own smelter using a secret recipe. The company processes steel with other natural raw materials to create their unique and patented steel enamel. The result combines the valuable properties of steel such as hardness, high strength, and durability with the requirements for washbasins and shower trays. Steel and enamel bind together to form an inseparable unit that stands for stability and durability. The secret recipe also ensures a highly impact and scratch resistant high-tech surface that quickly adapts to the water temperature, making lying in the bathtub as comfortable as possible.

All production is built into a fully integrated value chain based at their headquarters in Ahlen. From there, KALDEWEI exports their bathroom solutions with a "made in Germany" quality seal to the whole world.

KALDEWEI: a family business with deep roots

KALDEWEI is now being run by the fourth generation of the family, and they have always remained loyal to the place where everything began. The company develops, manufactures, and supervises everything exclusively in Ahlen, Westphalia.

As a leading international manufacturer of high-quality shower surfaces, bathtubs, and washbasins made of superior steel enamel, KALDEWEI are represented in more than 80 countries including subsidiaries in Austria, China, Czech Republic, France, Italy, Poland, Russia, Spain, Southeast Asia, the UK, and the USA. Project decision-makers and private builders throughout the world appreciate the many advantages offered by superior KALDEWEI steel enamel which is used in numerous top-class hotels.

ArcelorMittal steel brings value to the customer

KALDEWEI, a family-owned company founded in 1918, has been in partnership with ArcelorMittal for over forty years. The company deliberately relies on production at their Ahlen site throughout their entire value-added chain. "This fits in well with the ArcelorMittal strategy with its enamelled steel production mills in Ghent and Eisenhüttenstadt," says Thomas Quattelbaum, ArcelorMittal Key Account Manager in charge of the customer for over 30 years.

Soak in the steel: the benefits of enamelled steel

ArcelorMittal enamelled steel presents numerous benefits for customers:

  • Development of new parts with complex shapes that are difficult to stamp at present
  • Reduction in the current scrap rates on some parts that are difficult to stamp - scrap rates can be reduced by 10% using DC07EK
  • Lower processing costs
  • One step less in the deep drawing process
  • No additional oiling
  • Lower reworking costs
  • Increased production rates and flexibility

All of these advantages reduce the total cost of ownership over the whole value chain.

Sustainability and the highest quality

Awareness of eco-friendly building and renovation has never been higher. KALDEWEI steel bathtubs are made with enamel from natural raw materials and 100% recyclable ArcelorMittal steel. This valuable material is produced using state-of-the-art manufacturing processes and is gentle on the environment.

KALDEWEI bathroom solutions are not only manufactured sustainably. They also meet the highest standards of quality. During production, every single KALDEWEI product is inspected several times. Steel enamel is also beautiful and extremely functional. In the bathroom – probably the most intimate room in the house – people would much rather surround themselves with natural materials as opposed to plastic and other environmentally harmful synthetic materials.