Meteor Systems

Based in Breda in the Netherlands, Meteor Systems is a worldwide leading manufacturer in horticultural systems that was founded in 1997 to manufacture drip irrigation systems for vegetable and fruit growers. Today the company develops, produces, and supplies the international horticulture industry with complete and moveable systems for cultivation, irrigation, and growing that ensures minimum consumption of water, fertilisers, and energy while providing optimal growth. Their products are used globally to cultivate vegetables, soft fruit, cut flowers and other crops. The success of Meteor Systems is due in part to over 20 years of experience with the continuous innovation of products that they tailor to the needs of each grower and to specific growing conditions.

The Mini-Air covering system

Mini-Air is Meteor System’s new covering system for soft fruits such as strawberries and blackberries that provides protection from the elements and an ideal growing environment. Meteor Systems utilises Granite® from ArcelorMittal Europe – Flat Products to create growing gutters which are an integral part of the Mini-Air system. Normally used for cladding, roofs, and gutters, Granite® can also withstand the aggressive growing environment required for strawberries and remains food safe over the decade-long life of the tray.

Meteor Systems found that Granite® was the perfect choice for the Mini-Air growing gutters because of its environmental credentials. In the fruit growing industry, safety and sustainability are key. Granite® is entirely recyclable, and its stable coating is fully food safe.

Granite® roll-formed on site

A key advantage of Mini-Air is that it can be tailored to the constraints of each location. It is designed to be installed on site with simple tools - the Granite® steel is roll-formed on site into growing gutters to ensure there are no joins.

Meteor Systems typically uses Granite® Standard or HDS to form the growing trays. The steel is either 0.6 or 0.8 mm thick, depending on the fruit to be grown.


Granite® is part of ArcelorMittal's Nature range. These steels do not contain hexavalent chromium (recognised as a human carcinogen) or heavy metals and comply with Europe’s REACH regulation on the registration, evaluation, authorisation, and restriction of chemicals.

20 years of cooperation between ArcelorMittal and Meteor Systems

ArcelorMittal and Meteor Systems began collaborating in the late 1990s when Meteor Systems began producing their first growing gutters with ArcelorMittal steel. “We’ve been making these systems for almost 20 years and the first project we installed is still in use,” says Sebastiaan Smeur, Account Manager at Meteor Systems.

Meteor Systems stays in regular contact with ArcelorMittal’s technical support teams. “ArcelorMittal is very reliable and produces good quality steels,” says Mr Smeur. “With ArcelorMittal we have a long and close relationship and we work very easily together. If we have a problem, we know they can help.”