Regamet is a leading manufacturer of steel products for standing seam and traditional tiled roofs in Poland founded it 1991. Their offer includes metal roofing sheets and trapezoidal sheets plus a wide range of roof accessories and flashings made to individual customer orders. While Poland is the largest market for Regamet’s roofing solutions, the company’s products are also sold in Belarus, the Czech Republic, Germany, Slovakia, and Ukraine.

Regamet buys many products in ArcelorMittal’s Granite® range including HDX, Deep Mat, and Quartz. When Granite® Ultramat for roofing was introduced, Regamet was quick to include it in their purchases. In addition, Regamet and ArcelorMittal have teamed up in numerous projects.

Regamet and ArcelorMittal: Partners for the long term

Regamet benefits from the support and professional advice provided by ArcelorMittal during the technical testing of sheet samples. “We have tested individual steel parameters in ArcelorMittal’s specialist laboratory,” shares Wacław Tryba, Regamet’s owner. “And when we are designing new steel roof-tile patterns, we factor in suggestions made by ArcelorMittal’s technical specialists, particularly those which relate to the technical parameters of the Granite® material. The steel is of high quality, it is easy to profile, and the colours are repeatable. The products we manufacture from these steels are highly valued by roofers and end-customers.”

Co-marketing: A 44% jump in sales

ArcelorMittal regularly joins forces with customers to create co-marking opportunities. ArcelorMittal and Regamet teamed up to promote organic coated steels to roofers with an aim to increase sales. The initiative was a success with a 44% jump in sales of Regamet products made with Granite® steels and the strengthening of the Regamet brand.

With ArcelorMittal providing graphics and assistance, this major co-marketing campaign led to the development of posters, banners, helmets, caps, t-shirts, and thermal vests for promotion at Regamet branches and other participating companies. “ArcelorMittal helped us to fine-tune the messages for our network,” notes Mr Tryba. Roofers could then purchase these promotional items as well as a banner with their own contact details for just 1 PLN (0,23 EUR) when they placed an order for more than 100 square metres of Granite® roofing products.

An extra dimension was added to the co-marking campaign in the form of a photo competition with prizes for images of the most interesting roofs made with Granite®. The end of the campaign saw Regamet presenting prizes to the winners during the company’s annual training day.
Would Regamet participate in a similar promotional event? “Absolutely,” says Mr Tryba. Further collaboration is already planned for 2020 and beyond.

Regamet: The last 25 years