Tillmann Profil

O sole mio means “my sun” in the Neapolitan dialect. For the Tillmann Group in Germany, “sole” or sun stands for the many solar panels that sprout from the ground like crocuses in spring - with supporting structures that are often made with ArcelorMittal steel. The Tillmann Group process steel for solar panel supports - a very special steel: Magnelis®.

The same values, the highest quality

Tillmann Profil is a typical medium-sized company in the Sauerland region with over 200 employees. They process around 45 000 tons of steel per year into cold rolled special profiles. Whether profiles or components, primary products from the Tillmann Group accompany people's everyday lives, be it in the car, for scaffolding, on the washing machine, in shelf or storage technology, or as mounting for solar systems. In doing so, Tillmann products are often unobtrusively the basis of an entire part.

With their four companies (Tillmann Profil GmbH, Kirchhoff & Lehr GmbH, Tillmann Werkzeugbau Profiltechnik GmbH, and Wilhelm Bertrams GmbH & Co. KG), the group manufactures customer-specific products at four German locations. The focus is on the highest quality, reliability, and process-oriented work. “It's good when you have a partner like ArcelorMittal with the same values,” Claus Koerdt notes, adding that “the contacts at ArcelorMittal are always there for us, and at this point I would like to praise the team in Cologne, both in sales and in technical assistance.” Now that’s a solid basis for further cooperation.

Magnelis® for energy from the sun

This product line from ArcelorMittal impresses with its excellent corrosion protection and better processing of the surface, which allows for more even profiling. Thanks to the magnesium in its coating, it is also ideally suited for the permanent coating of solar structures that are constantly exposed to wind and weather.

These are also the reasons why the Tillmann Group has been purchasing Magnelis® for several years. The connection to ArcelorMittal has existed for a long time though. Tillmann Profil's Purchasing Manager, Claus Koerdt, has been cooperating with ArcelorMittal for over 20 years: “We purchase 4000-4500 tons per year directly from ArcelorMittal and additional tons are added via their distributor AMDS SSC. Although most of the primary material is used for solar structures, we also process the ArcelorMittal steel for lorry trailer or shelf construction."