Floor plates

Outstanding steel solutions for metallic stairs

Floor plates, or diamond plates also known as checker plates, are selected for their anti-slip and mechanichal properties. The embossed teardrop pattern gives these stairs excellent anti-slip properties, irrespective of whether the environment is dry, greasy, or damp. Moreover, the pattern is almost indestructible.

The steel used is generally structural steel according to the EN 10025 standard. For floor plates with a diamond pattern, ArcelorMittal has a specific grade, S235DIAMOND, which guarantees only the chemical compositions required for S235JR according to EN 10025-2:2004.

For floor plates with a teardrop pattern, ArcelorMittal also offers other grades, including: High strength low alloy grades (EN 10149-2:2013), structural steel, and high strength grades in accordance with American standards. Different patterns are available including those in line with certain national standards in Europe, the most common of which are:

Floor plates are used for:

Floor plates are an embossed steel product:

Different patterns are available:

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