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Floor profiles

Technical details

Floor systems are made up of galvanised decks or galvanised pre-coated decks. These profiles, carefully combined with materials such as concrete, thermal and acoustic insulation, plaster, and wood, form advanced construction systems intended for all types of structures where their effectiveness and reliability are proven.

ArcelorMittal’s family of flooring solutions includes:

Cofraplus® floor decks: Trapezoidal steel sheets with open ribs and specific embossment to ensure composite action with concrete. Thanks to their geometry, they are stackable for easy storage. Cofraplus® is the best solution for most projects involving spans up to 4.5 m.

Cofrastra® profiles: Thanks to their undercut geometry, an especially high adhesion between the steel and the concrete can be achieved. Technical equipment can be installed quickly and easily beneath the slab thanks to an adapted fixing system.

Cofradal® integrated floor system: Made of steel, thermal insulation, reinforcement, and concrete. Two to three times lighter than conventional concrete floors, it provides a high load capacity and bridges long spans economically without additional support.

Cofraplus® 220 additive steel deck: Easy installation at high speed and outstanding resistance at reduced weight are the main features of this new system, which is particularly suited to all column-beam structure projects without intermediary joists.

Floor systems in steel

ArcelorMittal's range of floor construction systems is the most comprehensive on the market and offers the right solution for any kind of project and technical requirements. It consists of both well-established systems and innovative solutions which reflect recent developments in regulation, design, and installation.

The floor systems serve as a self-supporting formwork, and  they resist construction loads and concrete weight. They are simple and quick to lay and easy to handle. Easy cutting and quick interlocking of the ribs contributes to site productivity. Thanks to their specific design, which optimises composite action with concrete, ArcelorMittal’s floor profiles contribute to weight reduction of structures.

After installation, the floor decks create a continuous working platform that allows site workers to walk on them safely once they are fixed to the supports.

The web-based design tool Cofra5 is free of charge and offers assistance in the calculation of ArcelorMittal’s composite flooring solutions.