Granite® Ultramat

Technical information

•    Organic coating thickness: 35 μm organic coating applied on a Z225 or Z275 substrate
•    Dimensions: thicknesses between 0.3 & 2 mm, widths between 750 & 1500 mm
•    Corrosion/UV resistance category: RC4/RUV4 according to EN 10169-2021
•    Resistance to cracking (T-bend) at 10°C and 20°C ≤ 2T
•    Resistance to cracking (T-bend) after 60 days at -15°C ≤ 2T
•    Clemen scratch resistance ≥ 2 kg
•    Gloss ≤ 5 GU


Long lasting and high quality prepainted steel

Designed specifically for roofing tiles, Granite® Ultramat is a best in class product compared to other typical matt products due to the high quality and flexible paint system used.

It can also be used for other roofing applications, such as sandwich panels or profiles.

•    Matt and wrinkled aesthetic appearance with very low gloss
•    Very good formability at low temperatures down to 10°C and even after cold storage
•    Surface robustness
•    Resistance to cold storage conditions
•    Colour stability
•    Sustainability: surface treatment and paint free of hexavalent chromium and heavy metals
•    Depending on corrosion categories, the guarantee on non-perforation and non-delamination is up to 20 years
•    Guarantee on aesthetic properties up to 10 years

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