Technical information

•    Up to 55µm thick paint coating system available
•    Very good formability at low temperatures; up to -10°C
•    Very good durability performance with corrosion resistance up to RC5 and UV resistance up to RUV3 according to EN 10169-2021
•    Available in satin version (40 GU) or matt version (less than 15GU)
•    Dimensions: thicknesses between 0.3 & 3mm, widths between 750 & 1750mm
•    Generally used with deep drawing grades (DX51D to DX54D) to enable very good in situ formability


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Colourful standing seam roofs

Best in class product designed for standing seam applications like roofing and facades with excellent formability even at low ambient temperatures.

Allows for sophisticated shapes to cover curved, convex, or concave surfaces, including deep drawing, and ensures very good air tightness performances and continuity between facade and roofing.

For use at low temperatures in the cold environments encountered in Northern and Eastern Europe.

Now available in matt and satin versions.

Can be used for solar applications, especially on residential roofs.

Video: Build in any shape