Granite® Impression Cloudy - Outdoor prepainted steel for roofing tiles


Technical information

  •     35µm thick paint coating system
  •     Very good formability during profiling
  •     Very good scratch resistance
  •     Very good UV Resistance up to RUV4* 
  •     Free of chromates and heavy metals

* According to the EN10169-2 standard

Best in class

An outdoor pre-painted steel for roofing tiles replicating natural roofing materials such as clay or terracotta.

A lightweight material suitable for low sloping roofs, it is easy to install and self-supporting.

Also: resistant to hail and wind, impermeable to water and parasites, reduces mould, and is easy to maintain.

3 colours are available:

  •     Anticato Dark: a dark brown that gives an attractive depth to the roof
  •     Anticato Light: a lighter alternative to Anticato Dark
  •     Terracotta: gives a luminous and warm radiance

15-year guarantee depending on the external environment.

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