Hot dip galvanised heavy coatings

ArcelorMittal has made galvanised heavy coatings more reliable than ever to provide lasting corrosion resistance in the toughest environments.

With its state-of-the-art technology, ArcelorMittal is the first steel company in Europe to measure coating thickness to the smallest deviation. This ensures precision and homogeneity throughout the coated coil.

•    high precision on processed parts
•    improved corrosion resistance
•    long-lasting surface finish
•    very good mechanical properties
•    suitable for grain storage (silos)

Technical details

Coating thicknesses ≥ Z450 up to >900 g/m² with established corrosion performance in all environments.

Steel grades according European Standard EN10346-2015.

Comprehensive choice of grades: from drawing grades (DX grades) to structural steels (SXXX GD steel grades) & high strength low alloyed steels (HSLA - HX XXX LAD steel grades).