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Magnelis® - protection against long-term wear and tear

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Magnelis® - Steels with zinc-aluminium-magnesium coating

Technical information

Magnelis® is a flat carbon steel coated on both sides with a zinc-aluminium-magnesium alloy*

  • Excellent corrosion resistance - at least 3 times better than galvanised steel in external applications
  • Complete edge protection thanks to the self-healing properties of Magnelis® on cut edges
  • Outstanding resistance in harsh environments (maritime, chloride, and ammonia atmospheres)
  • More cost-effective than batch galvanised steels due to simple manufacturing
  • Reduced maintenance costs compared to post painting

Magnelis® has a uniform metallic look, which may appear slightly matt to bright. Variations in appearance and a tendency to darken are possible. Corrosion protection is not impaired by this visual change.

The excellent corrosion resistance properties of Magnelis® have been accredited with a Preliminary Technical Evaluation of Material (ETPM) by CSTB (Centre Scientifique et Technique du Bâtiment) and certified by a number of other external bodies, among them SP (Science Partner) and DIBT (Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik).

* This alloy is composed of 93.5% zinc, 3.5% aluminium, and 3% magnesium.

Product Life Cycle - Innovation with Magnelis®

Best in class

Magnelis® Think Strategy

An innovative metallic coating that offers protection in the harshest environments

Magnelis® can be used in numerous applications:

  • Construction: for a wide range of structural applications: sub-structures of ventilated facades, composite floors, purlins for roofs, side rails for walls, rainwater systems, and light steel framing
  • Appliances and electrical equipment such as cable trays
  • Agriculture & farming: animal housing, silos, greenhouse structures
  • Industrial applications  
  • Infrastructure: safety barriers, lighting poles, road signs, acoustic walls, bridge parapets, etc.
  • Solar structures

Magnelis® comes with up to 25-year guarantees for ZM310 depending on the environments and applications.

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