Affordable housing

Protea® low-cost quality housing

Technical information

Different Protea® projects illustrate the numerous implementation possibilities and options of Protea® in terms of:

  • Colours
  • Floors (concrete slab or steel deck)
  • Integration of solar panels
  • Doors and windows
  • Interior finishing and equipment

Each Protea® kit comes with complete assembly instructions. Two documents detail all the different steps in the construction process. Four workers can complete the construction, including doors and windows, in just 4 days.

Inside a house, Protea® panels can be covered with a plasterboard to attain:

  • an aesthetically pleasing finish
  • fire resistance

The Protea® building system ensures long-term living conditions with respect to safety, insulation, health, and comfort.

Low-cost quality housing

Protea® is a modular construction system. Standardised components are entirely prefabricated in factories, packed in protective containers, and delivered on-site - ready to be assembled in 4 days by 4 local people.