Long products

Reinforcing bars from ArcelorMittal

Technical information

Standard rebars:
Bars: Ø 6-50mm
Wild coils: Ø 6-16mm

Special rebars:
Krybar®: Ø 16-32 mm, Ø 12-32 mm
Threaded bars: Ø 15-75 mm
Rock bolt: Ø 18.5-31 mm
Tie bars: Ø 15 & 20 mm

Resistant & efficient

Reinforcing bars strengthen concrete and keep it in tension to improve its resistance and mechanical performances. The steel bars' patterns ensure a perfect connection with the concrete.

ArcelorMittal offers a wide range of standard and special rebars to be used in reinforced concrete structures in all possible fields of application. For European markets, ArcelorMittal rebars are produced in the company's mills in Warsaw (Poland), Sonasid (Morocco), and Zenica (Bosnia-Herzegovina).

Standard reinforcing bar types are available in bars as well as wild coils with AB Ductility Classes. C Ductility Class is available for rebars produced at the plants in Warsaw and Zenica.