Steel fibres


Product range:

TABIX: Undulated steel fibre suitable for jointless industrial floors and structural applications. Available in different dimensions, diameters, and tensile strengths.

HE: Hooked End fibres, the most common fibres used for steel fibre reinforced concrete like shotcrete. Available in different lengths, diameters, and tensile strengths.

FE: A Flattened End straight fibre offers better anchorage in the concrete matrix. Used for shotcrete applications and in precast elements.

HFE: A Hooked Flat End fibre has improved anchorage capacities and is suitable for any type of application.

All of our fibres are CE marked, made of high strength cold drawn wire, and produced by meeting the highest quality requirements.

One of the leading steel fibre suppliers in the world

ArcelorMittal Wire Solutions is one of the leading steel fibre suppliers in the world offering a wide range of steel fibres for flooring, shotcrete, precast, and structural applications. This comes a result of continuous R&D efforts to offer new, competitive products for each specific application.

Our technical and sales teams offer comprehensive services throughout the world with customised support to all involved in the design, specification, and installation of steel fibre reinforced concrete such as consulting engineers, architects, regional authorities, specialised contractors, concrete producers, etc. Present in more than 25 countries worldwide, ArcelorMittal Wire Solutions provides the latest technology on steel fibre reinforced concrete projects.