UPE sections

U sections

Technical information

The UPE range is available in all the usual structural steel grades with heights from 80 to 400 mm that correspond to those of the IPE section range. In comparison to UPN, this presents an advantage concerning the connections with IPE sections in structures where different types of sections are used.

Light, strong, economic, & efficient

With their U sections, smaller thicknesses and wider, parallel flanges, UPE sections are a good replacement for the UPN ranges. UPE is associated with lightness, strength, economy, and efficiency.

  • Quicker & easier assembly: The UPE range has parallel flanges which simplify connections compared to the UPN's tapered flanges that usually require additional bolts, wedges, and bevels.
  • Weight & cost savings: The web and flanges of the UPEs are thinner than those of the UPN range, resulting in a weight reduction of around 11% when using UPE.
  • Higher strength: The UPE section has a better ratio of load-bearing capacity / weight per metre than UPN sections. The increase in strength is from about 9% up to 34% depending on the application.

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