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At ArcelorMittal, we are able to provide best in class solutions for ironwork, depending on the final use and application:

  • Metallic coated steels, such as Magnelis®, can be used as perforated metal sheets for balconies or sun shades.
  • Indaten® weathering steel, used as raw sheets or laser cuts, are also suitable for sun shades, canopies, or interior decoration.
  • Our complete range of cassettes and sidings, bent and perforated, such as Mascaret®, can also serve to manage light and solar protection in buildings.
  • Floor plates, with the specific S235 DIAMOND form, are popular for stairs.
  • Our distribution network, present almost everywhere in Europe, is able to provide needed quantities of steel products with short delivery times.

In modern architecture, as in the past, steel ironwork is a key element of construction design and aesthetics.

We are at your service in order to ensure that the beauty of our steel is visible in every detail. 


What would Art Nouveau be without ornamental, sophisticated, and contorted balconies? Which material makes it possible to place stairs in a space to give the illusion that they are flying?


Solutions by application

Ironwork is a generic word to describe multiple applications of metals and steels in construction, either new or for renovation.

Ironwork, made of iron, cast iron, and steels, have always contributed to elegant architecture being the key symbol of architectural periods such as Art Nouveau at the beginning of the 20th century. From stairs and balconies as a traditional element of external and internal architecture to the more recent development of building atria and sunshades, ironwork improves thermal comfort and energy efficiency.

Just take a look at these projects:

  • Headquarters of the Official Association of Architects of Asturias  - The new second floor is open-plan, which was optimised by concentrating the vertical core of communications and installations. It is illuminated from above at a central point, around an opening. The use of steel is what achieved the phenomenal lightness and elegance of this prearranged space.
  • A new roof structure, functional yet aesthetic, protects the Roman ruins in El Molinete archaeological park in Cartagena, south-east Spain. Its lightness and transparency was obtained thanks to perforated steel sheets for the envelope of the tubular roof structure. Perforated steel with a wave pattern, such as Mascaret©, can be used for solar protection on roofs, as well as for facades. Its custom-made perforations filter the daylight and create visual dynamics depending on the time of the day, weather conditions, and seasons. Magnelis ®, in solar energy generation, is applied as structures for photovoltaic plants.

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