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  • Magnelis® metallic coated steel is particularly suitable for purlins and light steel framing applications in buildings and solar frames, combined with the load bearing capacities of high strength steel.
  • With its full full range of purlins, our light gauge framing PSB product range, marketed by ArcelorMittal Construction - Profil du Futur, is a fast erection solution not requiring any accessories in almost all metal roofing applications.

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Light steel framing

Quality, cost, durability, and reliability – a few of the many advantages of framing construction. An additional asset is time – building a steel-framed house is a very rapid process.

Designing a residential house with no space limitations calls for solutions made possible by light steel framing.

These steel solutions are innovative, competitive, easy to implement, durable, and sustainable. They comply with the requirements of each user and the particularities of each building be it industrial, commercial, tertiary, or residential. They are used for buildings’ structural framing, but also for solar frame and pre-fabricated, secondary facade structures.


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