Rainwater systems are a key feature in various types of buildings all around the world. Both residential and non-residential buildings should have an optimised system for collecting rainwater. The material choice for gutter and accessories has a direct and crucial impact on the environment. Efficient rainwater management is also key for Green Building Certification (LEED) recognition.

Steel is the best sustainable material for rainwater accessories, and it is extremely popular in Northern and Central Europe. Besides being light, economical, attractive, and sturdy, steel accessories are also very quick and easy to install. Their resistance to UV and availability in a wide colour range guarantee the aesthetic and technical uniformity of the roofing.

In order to help you protect natural resources, ArcelorMittal has developed a 100% recyclable offer, ideal for collecting rainwater and suitable for rainwater systems manufacturing:

•    Organic coated steel that combines aesthetic appeal and colour with Granite® Rain, Granite® Deep Mat, and Granite® Storm
•    Metallic finishes with our best in class metallic coated product Magnelis® for corrosion resistance

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