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Steel reinforcements are usually steel bars and meshes with deformed surfaces (e.g. ribs of different shapes) to ensure mechanical bonding with concrete and guarantee composite action. Further reinforcements include steel strands and wires, fibres, or other steel elements encased in concrete.

ArcelorMittal offers different steel products used for the reinforcement of concrete in the construction industry - all developed to optimise the structural properties of the intended applications. These include:

  • a wide range of reinforcement bars - including standard and special rebars, threaded bars, and Krybar® - to be used in reinforced concrete structures in all possible fields of application, including extreme environments.
  • a broad selection of steel fibres in different shapes and steel grades for the reinforcement of concrete elements like industrial floors, prefabricated elements, and shotcrete applications.
  • a diverse portfolio of high-performance prestressing wires and strands, tailor-made to meet customers’ needs and requirements.



Steel is commonly used to reinforce concrete used in construction as it improves its structural performance.

While concrete is strong under compression, it lacks tensile strength. The incorporation of steel reinforcements adds elasticity to concrete elements (like beams and slabs) under tension loads, thus avoiding and minimising cracking.

Steel reinforcements can supplement concrete’s inherent strength when compressed in columns and walls, and they can provide extra shear strength in concrete when needed.

Apart from adding additional strength and elasticity, steel is a common reinforcement for concrete as both materials have a similar thermal expansion coefficient. This minimises stress on the reinforced structural elements during temperature changes.

Furthermore, as steel is robust, it can easily be formed into specified shapes and dimensions, and it is recyclable, effectively collected and recycled once a building is demolished.

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