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Steel’s intrinsic qualities like flexibility, strength, durability, aesthetics, infinite recyclability, and competitiveness allow us to fabricate a wide range of products such as:

  • Indaten® weathering steel - used as raw sheets or laser cut panels; suitable for sun shades, canopies, or interior decoration.
  • Complete range of cassettes and sidings, bent and perforated, such as Mascaret® - can also serve to manage light and solar protection in buildings.
  • Metallic coated steels, such as Magnelis® - can be used for perforated metal sheets for balconies or sun screen.
  • Floor plates, with the specific S235 DIAMOND form, are popular for stairs.

We use our very best efforts to improve the quality and comfort of living, which can be achieved by sustainable, aesthetically pleasing, and high performance buildings made with ArcelorMittal steel solutions.

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Collective housing

With more and more people relocating to cities and forcing them to grow, collective housing does not only have to match the urban design, but also satisfy many other, highly important requirements. Besides the technical requirements (fire resistance, acoustic, thermal), some extremely crucial ones are the duration of construction and energy efficiency. We all desire to live in a beautiful and aesthetically pleasing neighbourhood and a sustainable environment.

ArcelorMittal’s steel solutions meet all of the above requirements:

  • Standing seam roofs have a sophisticated, aesthetically pleasing appearance and are ideal for covering complex shapes. Our Granite® HFX Cool has been specifically developed for this application. It combines steel's resistance and high ductility performances for on-site assembly (even during winter conditions), long life durability, and corrosion resistance.
  • Facade with sun breakers – the Sunstyl range consists of perforated, three dimensional sheets, panels, and slat systems, which allow the architecture to play with light and shadow, colours, and transparency and create a pleasant atmosphere in building interiors.
  • Cofradal® 200 -  an integrated floor system made of steel, including thermal insulation, reinforcement, and concrete. This system easily achieves optimum values for insulation, acoustics, and fire resistance. Cofradal® Decibel, with a perforated steel liner, provides outstanding acoustic performance: it absorbs sound without any additional installations.

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