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Steel sheet piles by ArcelorMittal

When it comes to subterranean car park structures, steel sheet piles offer an economic, cost efficient, and aesthetically pleasing alternative to reinforced concrete for permanent retaining walls as they:

  • serve as a retaining wall during the excavation phase to support horizontal pressures
  • provide water tightness
  • form the permanent outer structural wall
  • transmit vertical loads to the substratum
  • comply with fire safety regulations

Thanks to a permanent sheet pile wall, a temporary retaining wall is not required, which therefore:

  • maximises the available space - a principal issue especially in urban areas
  • shortens the construction time
  • reduces the total cost of the building

Underground car parks

Structural stability, soil retaining capacity, and fire safety are crucial performance requirements for products and solutions used in underground car park structures, and they directly match the design criteria of cost efficiency and optimisation of space.

The way in which our built environment functions and creates tightly knit urban spaces can often cause an increase in traffic to be a prominent issue that needs to be dealt with on a daily basis. With the current trends of reducing traffic and creating more pedestrian zones in our city centres, the need for new parking spaces is constantly growing.

Where space is scarce above ground, underground car parks are an ideal solution for the parking issue.

Other ArcelorMittal solutions for underground car park constructions include:

  • Structural steel sections and heavy plates available in a wide range of grades and dimensions
  • Composite flooring solutions like Cofraplus®
  • Rebars for concrete reinforcement
  • Enamelled steels for interior panels and signals
  • Metallic coated steels for devices like cable trays or ventilation ducts

In addition, the ArcelorMittal technical assistance teams are available to support designers in their project design for underground car parks.

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