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Aesthetic durability

Our best proposals are :

  • Granite® HDXtreme, which combines best-in-class UV and corrosion protection with a rich colour palette and different surface finishes
  • Indaten® weathering steel offering natural protection against corrosion
  • Granite® Quartz for roofing applications with clear aesthetics and excellent scratch resistance

Technical durability

Our best in class products are:

  • Magnelis® for corrosion resistance
  • Prefabricated systems, such as Angelina® castellated beams, for long span decking solutions


ArcelorMittal Europe has built up a unique body of knowledge on how its large steel offer behaves via trials and project references carried out in extreme marine, rural, and industrial environments.

Over a project’s life-time, all types of construction suffer from a certain degree of degradation due to a combination of different factors such as corrosion, UV radiation, abrasion, fatigue, or atmospheric pollution. Building sustainability means less maintenance over a longer life-time.

Consequently, longevity (the so-called durability of building material) is a key element to be taken into consideration from the design phase to building erection.

There are several ways to define durability in construction. For the community of architects, aesthetics and sustainability are generally their main focus in terms of life-time expectancy. Structural and technical engineering offices strive to achieve the main objective of ensuring construction durability from calculation to erection. Their primary focus is the functional durability of the structure throughout its entire life cycle.

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