Design tools


- Design of steel structures: portal frames, beam and column structures, trusses, and column-beam connections
- Design of composite structures: composite columns and beams, joints, and shallow floor beams
- Cellular beam solutions
- Fire calculations: composite beams and columns resistance, gas and steel temperature

Sheet piles:

- Design software for cantilever and anchored wall systems
- Calculation of sheet pile service life in different environments
- Stress analysis for combined wall system (HZM™/AZ®)
- Design of cost-effective concrete capping beams, including the steel reinforcement of sheet piles submitted to significant vertical and/or horizontal loads

Floor profiles for composite flooring solutions:

 - Design of lightweight composite floor solutions with ArcelorMittal Construction's steel deck range


For its range of steel products and solutions, ArcelorMittal has developed numerous free pre-design tools in order to support engineers and architects in the blueprint and calculation of their projects. These programmes cover various steel design aspects and composite structures with different standards, as well as special solutions in accordance with the European Design codes - the Eurocodes.

Available for download

The whole range of ArcelorMittal pre-design and calculation software is available free of charge to registered Constructalia users. Sign up here to download the tools - registration is free.


TTV - Thickness Toughness Validator

TTV (Thickness Toughness Validator) is a software tool developed and maintained by ArcelorMittal Steligence® Engineering. The first version was released in July 2023 and is free to download. It is a simple, intuitive, and quick tool for validating steel construction details according to the recommendations and requirements contained in the EN 1993-1-10 standard. The simplified method (EN 1993-1-10, Clause 2.3) has been implemented in the program. The advanced method (EN 1993-1-10, Clause 2.4) based on more advanced fracture mechanics methods has also been implemented for specific details. Both the software and the user guide are provided in the downloadable folder.

The Steligence® Engineering technical team ( can be contacted for assistance. Please read the disclaimer note carefully before use.

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Software assistance: sheet piling

Important Information

The tools available on this page facilitate preliminary engineering studies, but should in no way be used for final design.

These tools may be used free of charge. No right is granted to the user of the software, the property and intellectual rights of which continue to belong exclusively to ArcelorMittal. No warranty is granted to the user.

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