The challenge we face

The world faces enormous challenges in the 21st century: from climate change to increasing pressures on natural resources, from the lifestyle expectations of those in the developed world to tackling poverty at the base of the pyramid in emerging markets. These issues have a direct impact on businesses as well as governments, civil society, and individuals.

Businesses are expected to report more openly, act more responsibly, protect the environment, and support their local communities. All of these factors pose risks to companies as large as ours if we fail to manage them. But they also present us with enormous opportunities from the commercial potential of new greener products to the innovation potential of a new generation of people entering our industry.

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Green ArcelorMittal

We are committed to leading the way in which the world views steel and championing steel’s role in creating high quality, sustainable lifestyles for people all over the world.

Sustainable Development

Leading the way with 10 sustainable development outcomes

Our new sustainable development framework focusses on 10 outcomes we need to achieve for steel to be one of the world's most sustainable materials. Pursuing these outcomes, a result of both analysis and consultation, allows us to be better prepared to respond to long-term trends and manage our stakeholders’ expectations more effectively.

Environmental impacts of our products

Our local communities and stakeholders trust us to share the vital resources of air, land, and water because we operate responsibly and transparently, and we have clearly improved our impact.

We understand these impacts and work collaboratively to protect and enhance the natural capital we and our communities and partners rely on.

Developing greener steel products

Commercial designers and manufacturers, as well as end-users, choose steel for products that need strength and durability. They make that choice because they understand steel contributes to more a sustainable lifestyle.

Therefore, we are continuously designing more energy-efficient products using materials that can be re-used and recycled and produced using fewer resources and without negative consequences for the environment or society.