Construction of Crystal Hall Baku in record time thanks to ArcelorMittal's solutions

The venue of the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest in Azerbaijan's capital city Baku was built in a record time of only 8 months. Designed by gmp architects, this indoor arena is conceived as a modular construction, ArcelorMittal Construction International  contributed with its innovative Arval solutions for roofing, façade and flooring.

Detailed information

The Crystal Hall is Baku's giant new landmark that rises on National Flag Square and overlooks the port of the city, its spectacular façade resembling the shape of crystals. With a length of 230 and a width of 160 metres, the arena gives room to up to 25.000 spectators, protected from sun and weather by a transparent membrane roof.

Construction in record time of only 8 months

The construction time of just 8 months (from September 2011 to April 2012) was the major challenge in the development of this sports and concert complex. Apart from efficient construction management and coordination, the modular construction (the building consists of 3 independent parts) and the selection of steel as the main construction material made it possible to finish this ambitious project in time for the Eurovision Song Contest celebrated in May 2012.

Economic solution for the roofing and cladding

The majority of the 7.000 ton steel structure is supplied by ArcelorMittal Rozak, Istanbul and in October 2011, ArcelorMittal Construction International (AMC-Intl.) was approached by a well known Turkish steel fabricator to provide an economic solution for the roofing and cladding of this concert hall in Baku.

The most challenging requirements were its exposed position on a small peninsula in the Caspian Sea, creating wind speed of up to 45 meter per second and the coordination of the design work, material procurement and production allowing sufficient time for the transportation by road on 90 trucks from Poland.

The overall order reached more than 60.000 m2 of ARVAL- GlobalRoof, GlobalWall and GlobalFloor systems, semi-designed and supervised by AMC Poland - ARVAL Technical Team (with cooperation by gmp architects) and fabricated by ArcelorMittal Construction in Poland, Rawa and Swietochlowice plants.

The folded membrane structure enveloping the GlobalWall system consists of a total of 180 panels with more than 80 000 integrated LED lamps, giving the façades its unique, dramatic aspect when illuminated at night.


The metal decking type Hacierco 160/250 x 1,50 mm HAIRPLUS-RAL 7016 (anthracite gray) spanned over 6,0m is 15% web-perforated for best acoustic performance and supporting the insulation and waterproofing of the roof.


The facade is composed by a double skin system based on mineral wool insulated HACIERBA 150/600 x 1.25 mm liner trays reinforced in exposed areas by a light gauge steel profile. The external siding type HAIRPLAN  in 200, 300 and 400 mm width and 1,0mm thickness, colour coated in HAIRFLON 25-RAL 3003 (ruby red), is fixed a special “Hairplan System Rack” allowing fast and secure installation just by a click!


The different floors are designed as “Lost formwork” whereby the HACIERCO 135/310 x 1,0mm and HACIERCO 160/250 X 1,25mm metal decking is supporting the wet concrete during the construction phase and has no additional function after the curing of the reinforced slab.

Project Information

  • Baku
  • Azerbaijan
  • Sept 2011- April 2012
  • Architect:
    gmp architects (Von Gerkan, Marg and Partner)
  • Client:
    State Commitee on Property Issues Azerbaijan
  • Engineering Firm:
    SSF Ingenieure AG
  • Contractor:
    ALPINE Bau Deutschland & Nüssli (General Contractor), Seele (Membrane Façade)
  • Photo credits:
    ALPINE Bau, Andres Putting, Vugor Ibadov & ArcelorMittal
  • Text:
    Peter Boehnlein (ArcelorMittal Construction International), Marek Szczęsny (ArcelorMittal Construction Poland) and Constructalia