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Among the most recent innovations, we can recognise:

  • The full range of Granite® organic coated steels for building exterior application is now produced free of heavy metals and chromates ensuring lower environmental impacts.
  • A913 Grade 70 jumbo sections for skyscrapers provide higher yield strength, weight savings, and lower fabrication costs.
  • CoSFB composite flooring solution combines structural sections, flooring profiles, and rebars, and is a new concept for optimised flooring thickness with fire resistance up to two hours without any additional protection.

Our 1300 researchers are constantly working to develop new solutions for our markets and customers in order to achieve the most satisfying and innovative results.


“Innovation means change and adaptation...[It] is about bringing fresh thinking and a new perspective to everything we do. It is about challenging conventional wisdom and finding creative solutions,” said Lakshmi Mittal, the CEO of ArcelorMittal.

Through innovative thinking, we aim to improve our performance, increase sustainability, and find solutions.

The construction market is of major importance for ArcelorMittal as we are the leader in delivering steel construction products worldwide. Naturally, innovation means putting forward products with improved performances such as structural resistance, thermal efficiency, and long-life durability.

Furthermore, it is also about developing solutions to other construction materials and inventing "solutions of the future" with related services and tools to satisfy stakeholder demands for sustainable construction in buildings and civil engineering.

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