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ArcelorMittal Europe is the largest provider of steel products that fulfil designers’ and contractors’ highly demanding performance requirements for structural resistance.

We can offer best in class solutions suitable for each construction type:

  • The world’s widest range of hot rolled sections and structural shapes.
  • Flat coils and sheet products, from thick plates for welded built-up sections, to thin metallic coated sheets for light steel framing.
  • A complete set of structural steel grades in accordance with regional standards, including high strength steels with improved weldability and toughness features.
  • Prefabricated systems, delivered to construction sites, to answer specific demands such as Angelina® castellated beams for long span decking solutions or structural systems for light steel frame housing.

Mechanical resistance & stability

Mechanical resistance and stability are fundamental requirements for every type of construction work as it is key to ensure people’s safety as well as construction durability and robustness, regardless of conditions on-site.

It especially concerns the following:

  • Structural resistance, including design & construction in seismic areas
  • Extreme low or high temperature conditions
  • Resistance under cyclic loads with potential fatigue impacts

Our products meet the most demanding technical requirements, answering to local standards and fulfilling specific certification performances. We constantly strive to innovate in order to offer designers and contractors best in class competitive solutions, contributing to construction sustainability and safety.