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Granite® range

Granite® Impression

Granite® Silky Shine

Granite® Ultramat

Granite® Quartz

Technical details

The organic coated steels of our Granite® range are synonymous with a wide range of colours associated with an endless possibility of surface patterns such as smooth, grained, embossed, textured, or orange peel effect. In addition, several finishes can be achieved: from matt to high gloss and even metallic finishes for interior applications.

In construction, organic coated steels that are applied on metallic substrates are based on:

  • Saturated Polyester (SP)
  • Polyurethanes (PUR)
  • Polyvinyl Fluoride (PVDF)

Granite® is available in 25 to 75µm thick paint coating systems with excellent durability performance, corrosion resistance of up to RC5*, and UV resistance of up to RUV5*.

* According to the forthcoming revised EN10169 standard

Granite® HDX

Granite® HDXtreme

Granite® Deep Mat

Granite® HFX Cool

Impressive aesthetics for buildings

With our Granite® range of organic coated steel, ArcelorMittal Europe – Flat Products offers a unique selection of products for each application, building, environment, performance requirement, and aesthetic demand.

For outdoor applications, our Granite® range offers a solution for each component of a building envelope:

  • Granite® HDXtreme is the latest prepainted steel in the organic coated range and the most durable organic coating for construction
  • Granite® HDX where outstanding resistance to corrosion and colour stability are required
  • Granite® Silky Shine is synonymous with elegant finishes for facades
  • Granite® Quartz and Granite® Storm for extended durability of your roofing applications combined with exceptional aesthetics
  • Granite® Rain provides a robust system for rainwater applications
  • Granite® Impression with stunning textures and exciting finishes
  • Granite® Comfort with outstanding solar reflectance performance
  • Granite® Deep Mat with unique deep matt textured finish specially adapted for roofing applications
  • Granite® Farm with corrosion resistant coating specifically for agricultural construction
  • Granite® HDS for buildings in corrosive environments
  • Granite® HFX Cool for standing seam roofs in the cold environments encountered in Northern and Eastern Europe
  • Granite® PVDF for architectural buildings in aggressive environments
  • Granite® Ultramat specifically for roofing - a high quality and flexible paint system.

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